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About Us

BitCatz is a collection of 9,999 unique NFT's which will be dropped in three collections of 3,333 NFT's. The first collection will be available for minting on 1 February 2022 and the remaining collections over the next year. Each BitCatz has one or more unique traits and is randomly generated using multiple variables such as eyes, mouth, clothing jewellery etc.

Mint yourself a digital NFT artwork and join a passionate crypto gaming community

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Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions

Why BitCatz

Because Catz Rule!!!
The idea behind BitCatz is to create a community of passionate gaming enthusiasts and investors who will gain early access to a unique MMO P2E Gaming experience as well as membership to an exclusive club.


2022 Q1 - Initial NFT Drop
2022 Q2 - build community, airdrops and competitions
2022 Q3 - Beta NFT drop
2022 Q4 - Beta access to P2E game

Why only 5 mints per wallet?

Minting is limited to five BitCatz per wallets as the purpose of the mint is to increase membership and limit the impact of whales. Members can hold several BitCatz as an investment which can be sold on an NFT marketplace and additional BitCatz can be gained through airdrops and competitions

Alpha Collection Figures

Max Supply: 3,333
Max Mint per order: 5 NFT
Giveaway Supply: 33
(reserved for contests and airdrops)
Token Type: ERC-721.
Unique traits: 71
Whitelist Sale: 100 Matic
Public Sale: 130 Matic


Your BitCatz NFT will be your digital membership card giving you access to exclusive deals, airdrops and other perks as well as a cool Avatar.
We are continually working on enhancing the utility of the NFT and expanding our partnerships to deliver more value and purpose

Other question?

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The Team

Meet our team of creative talents brought together to bring BitCatz to life!

BitCatz Montage


BitCatz Founder. A passionate gamer with over a decade of experience in IT. The BitCatz project is the beginning of an exciting journey into the world of NFT's and Crypto gaming
BitCatz Montage


Graphic Illustrator. A talented young, independent, digital artist who created the first collection of BitCatz, a diverse group of colourful characters which would be a great addition to any NFT collection
BitCatz Montage


Graphic Illustrator. A talented young, freelance digital artist who created the second collection of BitCatz. Dropping in Q3 2022, they are the next generation of Catz bringing additional utility to the NFT's.


Whitelist minting will be available from 1 February 2022 and the cost will be 100 Matic. The public sale will begin on 3 February 2022 and the cost will be 130 Matic. When Minting is ready, you need to connect your wallet and mint below.

BitCatz NFT drop has been listed on the following sites

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To join the whitelist:

  • 1. join the discord server
  • 2. go to the "BitCatz Whitelist" channel
  • 3. Submit your ETH/Matic wallet address in the channel

  • Once approved, you will get the "whitelisted" role and you will get access to the #Whitelisted private channel